Polar Bear Night

In this beautiful story polar bear cub wakes during a cold night. The baby cub leaves the warm den and sets out on the snow and ice for an adventure. What does baby cub see? He sees the walrus, the seals and the whales. They are all sleeping. Baby bear climbs high on a mountain and sees something beautiful. What is it? Grab a copy and read Polar Bear Night to discover what baby polar bear saw.

This is such a great picture book to share when learning about polar animals and the Arctic.

Of course, after reading this beautiful book, We needed to make something special to remind us of the story. So we made this cute little polar bear with his own starry sky.

This craft is very simple and only takes a few supplies.

You will need:

Black construction paper

White construction paper

Small piece of tan construction paper

wiggly eyes



small stars


  1. Start with the white construction paper. Cut it so it will be part of the background. It will look like snow. (You could also draw the snow with chalk or a white crayon).
  2. Glue on the white paper to make the snow.
  3. Then using white construction paper, cut out a rounded piece that will be bears body. Glue on the body.
  4. Then cut out a circle and two white ears for bears head. Glue on the head and the ears.
  5. Cut two small pieces from the black construction paper for the inside of the ears, glue them inside the white ear pieces.
  6. Glue on the wiggly eyes.
  7. Cut out a circle for bears muzzle and glue it on bears face.
  8. Cut out a black nose and glue it on.
  9. Draw a mouth with a black crayon or marker.
  10. I used a star hole punch to make the stars. You could also use star stickers or you could draw the stars.
  11. Don’t FORGET to add a little glitter to the snow! This makes it extra special!

I hope your readers enjoy making this craft to go along with Polar Bear Night!


Corduroy is a picture book by Don Freeman. This story begins with Corduroy living in a department store. Corduroy is waiting for someone to come along and take him to his forever home. A little girl visits the store and decides to take Corduroy home with her.

This story is a great addition to your picture book collection. I have created a cute bear craft that goes perfectly with this story. This is a simple craft that only needs a few supplies to complete.

Supplies needed:

Bear template

scrapbook paper

wiggly eyes




Print the bear template on brown paper or print it on white paper and color the template. Cut out the bear. Next use scrapbook paper to create Corduroy’s clothes. You can use any pattern for the clothing, simply tear or cut the scrapbook paper into pieces and glue them onto the bear to make his clothes. Once the paper pieces have been added glue on the wiggly eyes and the buttons. Don’t forget to add his nose and mouth.